Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

Our private Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) is entirely consultant-delivered and unique in Dorset and Hampshire.

Our RACPC provides a quick and early specialist cardiology assessment for patients with new onset of exertional chest pain thought likely to be angina and for patients not currently under a cardiologist who have known ischaemic heart disease and worsening symptoms, who need urgent assessment.

We can now also offer all chest pain patients access to CT-FFR Heartflow  Testing. We are the only private provider in Dorset able to offer access to this new world-class technology. Please read more information on this important technology here.

Our clinic is a fast route of entry into cardiology services for patients with suspected ischaemic heart disease.

It allows quick access to appropriate treatment, either medication or invasive procedures and to all-important advice on risk factor modification and prevention and to rehabilitation services.

We will accept referrals for patients with NEW ONSET chest pain suspected to be cardiac in origin. We will also accept referrals for patients with KNOWN ischaemic heart disease if their symptoms are worsening.

How to refer a patient

You can refer a patient securely and confidentially to our referral team via email, telephone or fax:

Email: referrals@dorsetheartclinic.co.uk
Tel: 01202 705 454
Fax: 01202 705 455