Coming to the Dorset Heart Clinic

All services at the Dorset Heart Clinic are designed around the patient. We never forget that each person is individual and has specific emotional as well as clinical needs.

That is why we deliver the highest levels of customer service, making things as comfortable for patients and their loved ones as possible. We offer convenient appointment times and adhere to them. We provide a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for patients and their families at what we recognise is a vulnerable time in their lives. Our friendly staff take the time to explain tests and procedures in as much detail as the patient requires.

The Typical Patient Experience

Make an appointment

Please call 01202 705454 and speak to one of our dedicated advisors, who will talk you through the procedure and fees, and book you in for an appointment with one of our consultants at a time that best suits you.

Seeing the consultant

You will be seen by a specialist cardiac consultant. During the appointment, you will be given as much time as needed to discuss your concerns.

Diagnostic testing

Your consultant will perform some standard non-invasive tests to better assess your condition.

Specialist tests

There may be a need to perform some more specialised tests. These will be done in-house by dedicated specialists.

Personalised report and follow up

Following the tests, your consultant will provide you with a diagnosis, formulate a management plan and advise you on the best course of action.

Outpatient Visit

Arriving by car & free parking

Please park in any of the visitor car parks. You will be provided with a free parking voucher at the end of your visit or stay.
If you are attending an outpatient appointment, we recommend you follow signs to Car Park C, located near to the Jigsaw building. If you are an inpatient being admitted to a cath lab procedure we recommend the main car park at the front of the hospital.

Address, contact details and directions can be found on our contact page.

Location and Direction

Our outpatient clinic is located in an area of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital called the ‘Bournemouth Private Clinic’.

Bournemouth Private Clinic is located on the first floor of the hospital along the West Wing corridor.  If you enter via the Jigsaw entrance of the hospital, you will need to ascend the stairs or take the lift to the first floor and then walk along the West Wing hospital corridor following signs to the Bournemouth Private Clinic.

If you are coming from the main hospital entrance, please ascend the stairs or take the lift to the first floor and then walk along the West Wing hospital corridor following the signs to Dorset Heart Clinic Outpatients. About half-way down this corridor, you will see a sign titled ‘Bournemouth Private Clinic’, near Ward 10, asking you to turn right. You will see a sign to the main entrance, and you will be greeted at our reception desk.

Cardiology Outpatients Suite

In addition to a calming environment, we provide newspapers, magazines, flat screen TV and our hostesses will serve you with complimentary drinks. You will then be met by your Consultant and any necessary tests arranged.


Your Consultant will collect you from the patient waiting area and direct you to his private consulting office. The length of the consultation will depend on the complexity of your condition. After the consultation, the consultant and his staff will organise further tests and appointments before returning with you to reception. Wherever possible, we run a ‘one-stop-shop’, and your consultant will try to complete all appropriate diagnostic tests on the same visit.


Wherever possible, additional non-invasive tests such as ECG, Echocardiography and Exercise tests will be organised and completed during your visit. If you require further investigations such as angiograms or other more complex procedures, we will book a convenient date during/shortly following your visit, and you will leave fully informed of your management plan.

Day patient procedure or overnight stay

Arriving by car & free parking

If you are an inpatient, please park in any of the visitor car parks and then make your way to the main entrance of the hospital.

Address, contact details and directions can be found on our contact page.

Location and Directions of “The Regent’s Park Suite”

We are located in Ward 23 on the first floor of the East Wing of the hospital in an area called the “Regent’s Park Suite”. From the main hospital entrance, please take the stairs or the lift to the first floor and then walk along to the end of the East wing corridor following the signs to Dorset Heart Clinic (Inpatients). At the end of the corridor on the right-hand side, you will see a sign to the entrance of the Dorset Heart Clinic situated alongside CIU.

If you have an afternoon procedure, we recommend you proceed to the entrance of the Dorset Heart Clinic where our reception staff will welcome and escort you to Ward 23. If you have a morning procedure, we recommend you proceed directly to Ward 23 where our nursing staff will greet you.

Every detail has been thought of to make your experience as comfortable and worry-free as possible. We provide a welcoming, attractive and reassuring environment, with all the amenities you would expect in a first-class private healthcare facility.

Catheter Lab Visit

If you are coming to visit us for a catheter lab procedure, you will be escorted by our customer support team to your private ensuite room where a senior cardiac nurse will settle you in and help answer any questions. A guest services directory containing information about the Dorset Heart Clinic and our facilities will be provided in your room.

Before your procedure

Your nursing staff will prepare you for your procedure and answer any questions you may have. You will then be brought to the cardiac catheterisation laboratory for your test or procedure.

Patient Rooms

Each of our private rooms has ensuite facilities, smart TVs, internet access and dedicated telephones. We provide luxury bed linen, bathroom towels & toiletries, as well as a bespoke menu comprising of quality food served with silver-plated cutlery. We can also offer dressing robes, slippers and eye masks as your comfort is our priority.

If it is clinically necessary, you may be transferred to an open unit within the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, such as the coronary care unit, to enable you to have more comprehensive nursing care.

Hotel Services

Day case and overnight patients have access to a varied menu, including light snacks, sandwiches with hot and cold drinks. We can also cater for special dietary needs.


Visitors are welcome to join patients for meals in their room, and there are also a variety of visitors’ cafés on the ground floor of the main the Royal Bournemouth Hospital concourse, serving snacks, confectionery and drinks.

Visiting hours are flexible. Family and friends are welcome at any time before 10 pm. For security reasons, all visitors are required to report to the Dorset Heart Clinic main reception before they are allowed access to any area of the clinic. Our patient support team will check with the nursing staff before allowing you to visit a private room.

If you do not wish to receive visitors, please inform us upon admission.

After your procedure

Your medical team will make sure that your care plan has been reviewed by you and that all of your questions have been answered. After you and your carer are satisfied, you will be guided to reception to take care of any final paperwork or future bookings.

Pre-admission Assessment

If you and your consultant decide that you will be admitted to the Dorset Heart Clinic for a catheter laboratory procedure, it may be necessary to attend a pre-admission assessment.

The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that you are medically fit for the catheter laboratory procedure. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have or discuss any concerns.

You will be seen by an experienced pre-admission assessment nurse who will ask you a range of questions about your medical history. You will be asked to bring with you any medication you are currently taking, and to come prepared to give a urine sample. All will be confirmed by an appointment letter.

It may be necessary to carry out some routine tests and investigations at this appointment, such as an ECG, blood tests, x-rays, weight, height and blood pressure checks.

If it we find that you need further investigations or monitoring before your procedure, your pre-admission assessment nurse will liaise with your GP.

After your pre-admission assessment, you will receive confirmation of your date of admission.

Arriving for admission

Once your date of admission is agreed, you will receive a letter of confirmation and instructions explaining what time you should arrive at the Dorset Heart Clinic and what you should bring with you. You will also be informed if you need to fast before your catheter laboratory procedure. A relative or friend is welcome to accompany you upon admission.

When you arrive, please report to the Dorset Heart Clinic main reception. You will be greeted by a member of staff, who will show you to your room in our ‘Regent’s Park Suite’. They will then complete the necessary paperwork and introduce you to the facilities in your room. A guest services directory is available in all rooms which contain useful information about your stay.

Shortly after your arrival, you will be visited by a nurse who will ask you a series of questions and explain what will happen when. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Before your procedure, you will be visited in your room by your consultant cardiologist.

During your stay

We will do all we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will have access to a nurse call bell and will receive regular visits from our friendly nursing staff during each day. Your consultant will also visit you regularly to check on your progress.
Our menu contains a range of meal choices. Special diets can also be catered for. Visitor meals can be ordered so that your visitors can eat with you in your room. A drinks service is also available.
All rooms have a flat screen television, with access to a range of channels and radio stations. You may order a daily newspaper or magazines during your stay. You will have your direct telephone and internet access to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer is available via a wireless connection.

We operate an open visiting policy. Telephone enquiries are welcome at any time.

Your discharge

When it is time for you to go home, our staff will assist you in making transport arrangements if required. A nurse will give you the necessary aftercare advice and provide you with any medication that you need to take home. You will also receive details of any outpatient follow-up appointment if your consultant needs to see you again.


If you are not insured, or your insurance policy does not cover your tests and treatments, we will collect payment at the end of your visit.

We will be able to let you know in advance about the cost of your tests and treatment so that there will not be any surprises. You will receive a quotation for the cost of your treatment with your confirmation letter. The acceptance form should be signed and returned to us before your appointment.
For more information about payment options, visit our Booking and Payment Options page.

Dorset Heart Clinic accepts payment by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), direct debit card and cash. You will receive a receipt for your payment from our reception staff. We charge 2.5% on all credit card transactions. No charges on debit cards and we do not accept American Express.