Cardiovascular Screening – Healthy Heart Check

Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of sudden death in the UK.

We offer a Healthy Heart Check for individuals who want peace of mind that their heart is healthy. If you have any symptoms you are concerned about or are worried about your diet, lifestyle, stress levels or family history, we offer you the opportunity to have your heart checked. Our Healthy Heart Check programme offers a comprehensive heart screening service to help diagnose unidentified heart disease and cardiac conditions.

Our Healthy Heart Check programme is designed to help detect important heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy or an abnormality in your heart rhythm. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques we will help you understand the condition of your heart as well as your risk of developing coronary heart disease.

We use tests and procedures recommended by the British Cardiovascular Society, the American Heart Association, the European Society of Cardiology, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA.

We offer TWO Healthy Heart Check screening packages:

Package 1: Assessment with a Cardiac Nurse

You will receive a personalised assessment with a cardiac nurse, including blood tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG), which measures the electrical activity of the heart. A summary report, reviewed by a consultant, will be provided, together with expert advice on managing risks or heart problems identified.

Package 2: Consultation with a Specialist Cardiologist

This is our most popular package. In addition to Package 1, you will receive a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our leading heart consultants who will discuss the results of the initial tests and recommend further tests, if needed.

This package is recommended for individuals who have a previous history of heart problems or any patient who would like to take advantage of a 1-2-1 discussion of their screening results with one of our cardiologists. For the avoidance of doubt, any further tests that the cardiologist may recommend will incur an additional charge which will be explained to you at the time.


  • Healthy Heart Package 1:        £195.00
  • Healthy Heart Package 2:        £315.00

To book a Healthy Heart Check package please call 01202 705454 or send us an email:


Package 1

Package 2

Height, Weight, BMI, Blood pressure, Clinical Questionnaire

Cholesterol blood test

12 lead resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Summary report from a Consultant Cardiologist

1-2-1 Consultation with Specialist Cardiologist